[Atmospheric Black] Nord Frost - Forever Lost... Forever Alone...

Band: Nord Frost
Album: Forever Lost... Forever Alone...
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Type: Full-length
Year: 2018
Country: Kazakhstan
https://musicbrainz.org/release/f6410b00-46d0-4195-a28f-5597e52bf504 https://nihilart.bandcamp.com/album/nord-frost-forever-lost-forever-alone
Nord Frost is, probably, little-known but good atmospheric black in my opinion.
It manages to sound like something between Lustre and Mesarthim.
So, I was glad to hear about the new album.
This release sounds more emotional, more personal and more original.
Music is soft, deep, atmospheric and touching. Lots of ambient.
Soothing experience. I like and recommend it.

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